For whom?

Suppliers of federal networks can get financing within 1 business week as of contacting the PRIME Factoring Company.
We specialize in working with networks having federal and regional coverage:
  • We have made bilateral partnership agreements/contracts with most federal and large regional networks
  • Financing is carried out according to the registers of assigned claims sent through the supplier's Personal Account or through the EDF systems without providing invoices/acts and original registers
  • 100% direct verification of Bank/Factor accounts receivable with the debtor without the participation of the supplier
  • Electronic verification and assignment with a number of Debtors
  • No decision on the transaction is required - limits are pre-approved for most networks
  • Network accounts receivable is something we know how and love to work with.

Due to the fact that we are making long-term partnerships with debtors, our suppliers in factoring services get additional bonuses from switching to factoring:Своевременность расчетов с аккредитованным Банком/Фактором со стороны сетей
  • Timely settlements with an accredited Bank/Factor from the networks part
  • Quick interaction on operational issues with representatives of the debtor
  • Restrictions on offsetting the debtor's counterclaims to the supplier on account of receivables assigned to the Bank/Factor
  • Weekly reports on the status of settlements with the debtor and the organization of reconciliation of settlements

The list of debtors, in respect of which financing limits have been approved, is presented on our website in the section «We cooperate».

Hotline: +7 (495) 241-01-28 (direct communication with the staff of the hotline)
Phone number:
+7 (495) 134-00-01 – ext: 900
+7 (495) 134-04-41 – ext: 900


PRIME factoring company works with the largest online retailers within three-parts partnership agreements.
We accept work with the largest online retailers:
  • LaModa (Kupishuz) - recourse and non-recourse open factoring under contracts for goods supply
  • OZONE – regression and non-regression open factoring under contracts for supply of goods
  • Wildberries - closed regression factoring under contracts for supply of goods
  • And other online retailers under the schemes of recourse and non-recourse open or closed factoring with the establishment of funding limits on an individual basis within 3 business days

For a number of debtors – Wildberries, Ozone – factoring financing is provided under commission agreements, sales agreements or other agreements that provide for the debtor's return to the supplier of high-quality, but unrealized goods, as well as the provision of discounts on unrealized goods, on the terms of closed factoring through a nominal account.

Hotline: +7 (495) 241-01-28 (direct communication with the staff of the hotline)
Phone number:
+7 (495) 134-00-01 – ext: 900
+7 (495) 134-04-41 – ext: 900


The product is designed for importers from the CIS countries and other countries that supply goods for sale in retail chains and on the platforms of the largest online stores in Russia. Such factoring should be coordinated with the debtor importing goods from abroad, therefore structuring of transactions is carried out with the participation of the debtor.
Documentation required to review the project:
  • Import contract or its draft
  • Information about the foreign seller, including the ownership structure

The possibility of implementing an import factoring transaction depends on the buyer (debtor), since his assistance is necessary for the implementation of currency control under the transaction. The factor individually coordinates the possibility of factoring work on a specific transaction with the debtor.


Factoring company PRIME works with the major debtors using ES (electronic signatures) in all cases when it is provided by the debtor.
Systems for remote verification of accounts receivable and reconciliation of calculations to which the Factor is connected:
Tariffs for e-factoring services reflect the conditions of providers of e-factoring platforms for factoring clients.

In addition to third-party electronic factoring systems, Factor provides access to the Personal Account for factoring clients.

In the Personal Account, the factoring client can get the whole range of services from making factoring agreement and provision of documents, the client's dossier to signing of financing registers and receiving detailed reports on factoring and settlements with the Factor.

Also, the primary documents under the factoring agreement, reconciliation reports and other documents are signed by the factoring client with the Factor through the Personal Account.

Access to the Personal Account is provided to factoring clients at the stage of making a factoring transaction.

Hotline: +7 (495) 241-01-28 (direct communication with the staff of the hotline)
Phone number:
+7 (495) 134-00-01 – ext: 900
+7 (495) 134-04-41 – ext: 900


PRIME Factoring Company is recognized by MSP Corporation as a high-tech company engaged in the development and implementation of its own software products. Its own software ARFO - Automated Solution for Factoring Organizations has been put into commercial operation and on the foreign market for integrated management of factoring operations based on the platform 1C: Enterprise (ROSPATENT, Certificate No. 2021681408 dated 12/21/2021).

This software product allows factoring companies and banks to:
• automate the accounting of factoring operations;
• collect and process information from open sources on counterparties;
• calculate credit ratings;
• use the electronic document management system through the Personal Account of the Factor and the factoring client.


Suppliers of multinational companies get the most attractive factoring conditions for the cost of financing.
Due to the fact that Informauditservice is a partner of PRIME Factoring Company, there are a lot of clients – multinational companies and corporations operating in Russia – we provide high standards of work with Western partners, including support for communication and reporting in English and German. At the request of the supplier, in many cases we also take on issues related to the signing of a 3-party notice of assignment of claims.

The cost of factoring financing for suppliers of multinational companies in the PRIME Factoring Company corresponds to the factoring rates of TOP-50 banks.

For more information about the list of our partners – multinational companies – see section «We cooperate».

Hotline: +7 (495) 241-01-28 (direct communication with the staff of the hotline)
Phone number:
+7 (495) 134-00-01 – ext: 900
+7 (495) 134-04-41 – ext: 900
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